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What Do You Expect from a Google Search?

August 29, 2012

Remember when it was fun to use Google Search? Call me nostalgic, but I remember a time when searching Google for information felt a lot more empowering. There was a creative angle to the search queries you entered, and a sense of ownership in the results you found. While your parents wasted hours sifting through […]

About Geoff Beers

Geoff Beers is a freelance writer and contributor at Search your area today for the best deals on DSL internet service, and save hundreds of dollars on your annual costs.

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Top 5 Sites Where You Can Earn Money by Freelancing

August 28, 2012

  Want to make some extra income by working from home? Millions of people across the world are opting for freelancing jobs to earn a good income. So, you can also start working from home and earn a flexible income.With the advancement of World Wide Web, searching and finding freelancing work has become much easier. […]

About Vinay Kumar

I Vinay Kumar writes articles about internet marketing,SEO and online games at

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Customer Relationship Management and Social Media

July 30, 2012

How Does Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Relate To Social Media? Social networking sites are exploding very fast these days and thus they are hyping to continue the interest to build.  The businesses are gaining ability to listen in a better way from their clients when social networks and CRM work together well. They are managing their […]

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Blog Hosting Issues & Solutions

July 26, 2012

Managing a blog or an online service/business might seem a simple task from the content management perspective. However, there are things that happen in the technical backend that will affect your blog. Hosting is an important part of every website or online business. Don’t be tempted to think that hosting quality will not affect a […]

About Biljana Dimovska

I'm a tech writer and a blogger researching for more and better ways to use virtual machine services and cloud hosting to improve online businesses.

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How Google’s Penguin Affects Your Online Marketing

June 22, 2012

Online Marketing Tips Matt Cutts, everyone’s favorite spam killer, has done it again and improved the World Wide Web experience for everyone except for a small number of web site owners. If you’re one of them, this story is for you. Back in late April, Cutts made an announcement that rocked the tranquil web world. […]

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Building a Website

June 16, 2012

Building a Website Unlike the Internet of the past, building and operating a website today is no longer a territory reserved exclusively for geeks. The fact is that thanks to the constant presence of the Internet in our lives, anyone with a little knowledge can create a site that thousands will find useful. Modern tools make it easy to […]

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A Brief Overview of SEO Keyword Analysis

June 6, 2012

SEO Keyword Analysis While there are many forms of online marketing, none of them are as important and significant as search engine marketing (SEM). When you think about it, it really makes sense: nowadays, whenever someone goes to look for something, they usually rely on a search engine query to find it for them. With […]

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Qualities to Look for in a Web Developer

May 30, 2012

The design, layout, content, and overall feel of your website have a direct and tangible influence on the performance of your business. In a digital age where consumers are using the internet as their first port of call when making purchases, in many ways your website is more important than your actual store space since […]

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