Comparison of Dedicated Servers vs Shared Hosting

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A dedicated server is a type of hosting on the Internet wherein a customer can rent a whole server for his own purpose. Compared to shared hosting, this type of web hosting gives full control to the customer. In general, this service can provide a better return of investment as well as less overhead expense. Commonly housed in data centers, a dedicated hosting service also provides HVAC systems and redundant power. The service provider often owns the server hardware and may provide technical support for the software applications and operating system. A shared hosting service, on the other...

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How Far Can You Go With Your Internet Research?

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We are bombarded with lots of information on the internet. Whatever topic that you will try to research, we are given a long list of amazing results. True enough, the internet proves to be a great source of general information but bear in mind that this is also a public forum where anyone can just make a bold assertion regarding a certain topic. So don’t immediately believe whatever facts that you encounter while doing internet research. You need to check first how truthful and reliable it is. First, you must choose the right keyword(s) relevant to your research topic. Then select at least...

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Buying YouTube Views – Help in Improving Business Visibility

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YouTube has become one of the most efficient methods to promote your business products and services absolutely free! Most small or large companies’ owners prefer to use this medium for online marketing. It allows them to share videos containing the information regarding their products or services they are offering and also gives them the facility to place their website links with the videos. There are many different online promotional techniques that can help you increase YouTube views. Some of them take much time, but ensure your success rate. If you are looking for the easiest and...

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Your Web Host is Hurting Your Page Rank

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Google bases their page rank for a particular website on how relevant it considers it to be for a specific keyword search. This means that many factors can determine how relevant your site is to visitors. If you use a shared hosting plan, the programming language that it supports and the bandwidth it provides will be crucial to visitor interest and accessibility, and indirectly to your page rank. Modern programming languages will easily allow any necessary applications, texts and images to be created for any type of niche website. However, this does mean that if your site requires a specific...

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Prepare Your Site to Go Viral, Before it Does

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Going viral is the dream of every website owner. The thought of thousands of visitors suddenly discovering your site is extremely attractive, but are you actually ready for it? Can your web host handle the sudden increase in traffic? How do you plan to capitalize on your new found popularity? Preparing Your Site to Go Viral Let’s take a look at a few tips for preparing your site to go viral, so that when it does, you will be ready to make the most of the opportunity. Will Your Web Host Handle the Increased Traffic? When your site goes viral, thousands or even millions of visitors will click...

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What Do You Expect from a Google Search?

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Remember when it was fun to use Google Search? Call me nostalgic, but I remember a time when searching Google for information felt a lot more empowering. There was a creative angle to the search queries you entered, and a sense of ownership in the results you found. While your parents wasted hours sifting through broad keywords like “used cars,” you knew it was more efficient to type “used cars + zip code” to find the best matches. Search back then was an art form, and you only got out of it what you put in. Over the past few years Google has dumbed-down its search engine to capitalize on...

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