What is Google Authorship and Why Should Bloggers Care?

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What is Google Authorship and Why Should Bloggers Care?

Blogs are important to business success and are a primary method of personal expression to millions of people today. It’s one of the most important parts of the modern Web. Even if small bloggers mostly work for free or for tiny returns, the content that they produce certainly does have value. While traditional publishers always receive some kind of copyright protection for their work, bloggers seldom do. Bloggers have so far had no way to protect their work from web scrapers and spammers. This is where Google Authorship comes in.

Google AuthorshipGoogle has been on the lookout for some time for a system that can help protect the intellectual property rights of bloggers and at the same time help them gain some sort of authority for every piece of original work that they produce.

How Does Google Author Rank Work?

Ever since Google began to push its own Google Plus social media network, Internet observers have obsessively wondered about what plans exactly Google might have in mind for it. Most didn’t think that Google was simply having another go at competing with Facebook after the failure of Buzz.

Google Plus, though, isn’t (more…)

What is In-Store Marketing and How Does it Relate to Traditional Marketing?

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With online retailers rapidly increasing in market share, in store marketing has become a hot topic for “bricks and mortar” retailers. After all, once they have a customer inside their store, they have the upper hand and they need to maximize that advantage while it exists.

Wii_DisplaySo what exactly is in-store marketing?  According to in-store marketing is “Sales promotion at a retailer’s location, with bundled offers, expert advice, product demonstrations, product samples, special discounts, etc. Also called in-store promotion.” In other words, pretty much any type of advertising or promotion done inside the store to get people to buy certain products.

Marketers are getting more creative with things like floor stickers, advertising on the shopping cart itself, coupon holders, coupon exchanges, Brochure Holders, in store displays, banners, posters and almost anything else you can think of to entice customers to buy.

One of the biggest trends these days is (more…)

An Unusual Online Business

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An Unusual Online Business

These days, everyone is looking for a unique niche. The key is to find something that interests you and also has the potential for profit. Before jumping in head first you should do some research and find out how much demand there is for your product or service.

If you are considering a product you might go to a site like eBay or Amazon and find out how many people are offering products like the ones you are considering. How quickly do they sell? How much bidding competition is there? How strong are prices? Once you have determined the area you would like to pursue you can start small. You could actually open an eBay or Amazon store yourself and tap into their pool of clients. Here is an example of a sort of off-beat business that would appeal to just the right person. ~Tim McMahon, editor.

Selling Vintage Brooches Online

BroochVintage jewelry is a great market to establish an online business because it is popular, fun, and rewarding. Vintage brooches in particular have good potential to sell online since there are so many different brands and styles. It is important to choose the brooches you want to sell carefully, help buyers complete purchases with flexible payment options, and properly clean your inventory. Vintage brooches can range in price drastically from quite inexpensive to fabulously expensive. This Tiffany brooch from the National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C. contains a beveled square-cut emerald discovered  in Colombia between and : acquired by Sultan Abdul Hamid II and placed in a platinum setting, surrounded by 109 round and 20 baguette cut diamonds by Tiffany & Co. in 1950.

Choosing the Right Brooches

Because there are thousands of vintage brooches available, it can be (more…)

What Does “Google Keyword Encryption” Mean for Marketers?

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Google Keyword EncryptionGoogle has a new search system in place; it’s called Secure Search. Before the new system arrived, Google’s search engine operated in a transparent way. Each time a searcher clicked on a search result, Google let the website know what search term the user used to find the website. But those days are gone, under the new Secure Search system, users search on a secure and encrypted https:// version of Google. When a searcher clicks on his search results, he is only taken to the website through a redirect. The website is given no information about what search term was used.

It may be comforting for Internet users to know that they are able to search anonymously but for website administrators and SEO professionals trying to study their traffic to figure out how they are doing, though, the change makes life difficult. Secure Search only hides organic search engine clicks. AdWords advertisers can still see the search terms used by visitors arriving through AdWords clicks.

What does Secure Search mean for search engine optimizers?

With Secure Search, website administrators have no idea what search terms visitors use to arrive at their website. If you are a retail website with products to sell, you can no longer find out what search term got you a sale so that you can target the term with new website content.

Since you are no longer able to optimize your website to the keywords your core customers use, your website may begin to show up to searchers whom you don’t wish to target. Your bounce rate can go up as a result.

You won’t be able to study the search terms that visitors arrive at your website by and correlate them with the pages on your website that they hit. As a result, you won’t be able to figure out what your visitors are looking for and then make changes on your website in response. Overall, both Google searchers and websites that (more…)

Promoting Your Business Through Advertising

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AdvertiseIf you’re starting a business these days almost everyone considers the benefits of online marketing. People spend so much of their time online that it’s impossible to not consider building your business a website and creating some social media pages for it. But in this digital age, the importance of print marketing has been somewhat lost. The usefulness of word of mouth advertising and gaining business through promotional materials is hardly a thought anymore when considering how to get your business’s name out there. But if you have a local bricks and mortar business, before you decide to throw all of your money into social media promotions and digital advertising, here’s a couple of ways that print can work for your new business. (more…)

Empower Your Sales Team with Effective Training Videos

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Modern sales teams are bombarded with more information than they can handle.

A deluge of proposals, digital content, sales data, emails and marketing materials, often leads to decreased attention spans and slowing of important daily sales activity.

Sales VideosCoupled with no time to sharpen their sales skills, your team can benefit from visual-based training to help manage the overwhelm of information, increase productivity and close more deals.

A 2004 Hewlett Packard study, The Power of Visual Communication, advises that visual communication can be more powerful than verbal communication, suggesting in many instances that people learn and retain information that is (more…)

Building Trust in Business Relationships

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Relationships can take just a second to blossom but a lifetime to maintain and this is equally true in business circles. Some are under the impression that a flashy set of graphics, Web Design or business cards is enough to generate business, but, rather unsurprisingly, this will only get you so far. To prosper in business, it is vital to establish trust in both clients and partners if you have any hope of building and maintaining a lasting relationship. So how should you go about building trust in business relationships?

Be Open

Building trust in business relationshipsIt sounds obvious, but a good place to start is by (more…)

Using the Internet to Market Your Small Accounting Business

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Effective marketing techniques can help your Accounting firm tap into the thousands of individuals and businesses in need of quality accounting services.  You don’t have to be a CPA marketing genius to gain an edge over the competition, shrewd marketing tactics can help a good accountant secure clientele and generate additional  income throughout the year.   The key is to get them to come to you rather than you chasing them. Let’s take a look  how you market your small accounting business.

Using Technology to Present Yourself

Marketing Small Accounting FirmThe internet can help you increase your business volume tremendously. Establishing a strong online presence is vital if you are interested in securing clients via the internet. An impressive website will always help you stand out. It should project the proper image based on the clientele you are looking to attract. If you specialize in accounting for small contractors your site should look entirely different than if you specialize in accounting for Rock Stars.

If you’re not terribly savvy in dealing with the technical challenges a webmaster would encounter, you should hire an experienced webmaster to create a cutting edge website for your accounting business.  It is vital that you (more…)

10 Qualities that Make a Great Leader

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Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a “born leader”.  Leadership qualities like everything else have to be learned. Some people may be fortunate enough to be born in a family that demonstrates good leadership and thus they may have learned them at an early age. Others may have to work at it a bit but leadership can be learned (and taught).

If you have an overwhelming desire to be the very best in the industry and climb the career ladder you need to develop certain key leadership skills.

Typical qualities found within a “natural born leader” are:

1. Delegation Skills

Inspiration is a key leadership qualityBeing able to effectively delegate work, tasks and roles is an essential part of any leadership role. You need to be able to identify which staff member can take on each role and complete it in a satisfactory manner. Effective delegation means (more…)

Newbie’s Guide to Online Website Jargon

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Getting started online can feel like stepping off a plane in a foreign country – where a totally different language is spoken. Like any good traveler you need a handy guide to common phrases to get you through the airport and the hotel and of course how to make your way around the open air tourist market.

Hopefully you are beyond wondering – what is a web site? So let’s begin the online journey with a few common online phrases like Avatar, Blog and Podcast.


ID-100153411This is your identity or alter ego online. Other computer users will see your Avatar when you play games or leave comments on forums or social networks. It can be a real or cartoon picture. In the online world it is like your passport photo but unlike in the real world, online you can create your own representation of yourself. So no ugly passport pictures here! Your avatar can look however you want it to.


A blog is an online journal, it is short for ‘web log’. Writers who use blogs to share their thoughts, opinions and expertise are known as ‘bloggers’. They publish posts as regular as they like and readers can also comment on what they write too, allowing interaction.

There are websites that offer (more…)